Weather in Australia

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Weather in Australia

Postby brynpoeth » 1 Feb 2017, 5:54am

Just heard a radio report about unbearably hot weather in Morree NSW. For a couple of weeks the temperature stayed above 100 F even at night. What do cyclists there do?

One family got so sick of the weather they emigrated back to where granny came from: Norfolk, UK /EU (not Norfolk Island, sorry). That would be my solution, or maybe NZ?
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Re: Weather in Australia

Postby simonhill » 2 Feb 2017, 6:43am

It's rarely that hot for long in NSW or Victoria. In a couple of days the wind will go southerly and it'll be 16 degrees and they'll all be whinging.

Currently in Sri Lanka and temp is meant to be 32 today (90F). Off to town on my bike. Surprisingly (?) it is often cooler when cycling as you've create a breeze. Gets hot when you stop. Also cover up, long sleeve shirt, cap or hat, etc. No worries.

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Re: Weather in Australia

Postby paragonman » 2 Feb 2017, 9:50am

Moree's temp for the next 7 days is 40- 44 C, average max for February is 32C. Minimum temp will be 25-27C. Long term average 20C.
It looks like global warming has arrived. I know people who live up there, when I say up there it's because I live 1500ks to the south.
The folks I know there do not complain about the cool southerly changes , they wish they came more often.
I imagine cyclists there would be heading out for a ride early in the morning , very early, but with a population of about 10,000,
I doubt you would see too many cyclists , personally I draw the line at 30.c. I've ridden in 40c it's a killer,