YHA Infomation and updates

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Re: YHA Infomation and updates

Postby mattheus » 27 Aug 2019, 3:16pm

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Re: YHA Infomation and updates

Postby Caledonia64 » 12 Sep 2019, 3:53pm

I just signed my son up for his first SHYA adult membership (ie not junior "lifetime"), and got a leaflet etc through the post which said that contacting the hostel direct secures a much better price (on any of the various type of accom) than does booking through eg Hostel International or the SHYA website directly (and this backs up what I have found in the past - but usually because under 16 child and different sex of parent I could not book online for hostels in this country.

Interestingly I was also noticing that the Spanish HI on the Camino de Santiago seem to have a "contact directly/can't book in advance online" policy possibly in order to accomodate pilgrims or other camino-ers whose daily mileage may vary, leaving them needing on the spot accom.

I also worked out that, if you buy outdoor gear (and even in my most inactive years our winter clothing was walking boots, and Peter Storm hats/gloves etc, and serviceable outdoor gear waterproofs...frequent purchases for the growing child, less frequent - apart gloves - for the mother) the annual SHYA membership with its % discounts at Blacks, Cotswolds etc almost makes the annual membership worthwhile.

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Re: YHA Infomation and updates

Postby mercalia » 9 Oct 2019, 12:37pm

some good special offers at the moment 20-25% off at various hostels