Camino of St James

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Re: Camino of St James

Postby samanthadavies » 22 Feb 2018, 3:07pm

LindaB wrote:My husband and I cycled the Camino de Santiago from Pamplona to Santiago in 2008. This was before the 2 movies came out - and I've heard there are many more people on the walking route, still haven't heard about more cyclists. I bought lots of books and spent a lot of time planning, and learned that it isn't easy to cycle on the exact walking route due to terrain as well as narrow trails. We often were on nearby small roads

Here's a link to a blog of our trip:
We had a wonderful time! Purchased hybrid bikes for this trip - I wouldn't want to attempt it on road bike tires! At the time of our trip, cyclists couldn't get a room at the refugios (like hostels) until evening (after 8 pm I think), so we reserved hotel rooms. The language of the Camino for the most part was English - we shared "Pilgrim meals" (lower budget, served earlier than typical Spanish dinners) with people from all around the world. We felt it truly was the "Main Street of Europe" as we'd heard it described.

I cycled the camino portuguese 2 years ago and it was a wonderful experience!! It's true about the roads, not all of them are conditioned for bikes, but there is always a path for cyclists