7 Day tour from Clacton to Cornwall

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7 Day tour from Clacton to Cornwall

Postby fossala » 3 Sep 2017, 7:28pm

I've got a train booked from mine in Cornwall to London mid next month (Only £22.50!). I get in at midnight and will cycle through the night to my Dads in Southend arriving at 5am in the morning. I have done this before and it is a lovely ride to do in the early hours. After a night out at the pub with my Dad I will head off to see my Nanna in Clacton as it is her birthday and I want to take her out for a meal.

After this I don't know what to do. I have 9 days before I'm before I'm back at work but am aiming for 7 so I can get distracted. I have done the south cost 2 years ago so I will be going north of London this time. Any Ideas on nice places to cycle and go though? Any recommended cycle paths? It will be done on a MK1 Moulton with full camping setup carried so gravel paths are OK, MTB trails aren't

Thanks for any ideas.

EDIT: Don't want to do more than 100miles a day as I want it to be a relaxing holiday.

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Re: 7 Day tour from Clacton to Cornwall

Postby Vorpal » 4 Sep 2017, 3:14pm

Norfolk and Suffolk are nice. Northern Essex can be quite nice, too. Do you have any type of tourist spots you'd like to include?

There's some discussion about tours in that area from a few years ago

Places I like in that part of the UK (in no particular order):
Hadleigh, Suffolk
Sutton Hoo
the Broads
Thetford Forest
Grimes Graves
Bury St. Edmunds
Dedham Vale AONB
Saffron Walden
Norfolk north coast (avoid the A149 coastal road at weekends and peak times)
Castle Acre
Titchwell RSPB
Dunwich Heath

Some sections of NCN 1 are quite decent, Suffolk has signposted some good cycle routes (It's almost like they consulted with cyclists, or something) and the Goldeneye maps are very good.

There are some really nice pubs and tea rooms dotted about, as well.
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Re: 7 Day tour from Clacton to Cornwall

Postby bertgrower » 4 Sep 2017, 7:03pm


I enjoy working out routes.
This route is 403 mikes from Clacton to the boarder of Cornwall.
I have tried to
keep to the lanes as much as possible
SO at major roads
go to some points of interest
Avoid ferry due to time consideration
I have not riddern all this route but large segment of over the last 40 years but not all in one go
It is not flat
I hope it gives you some ideas

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Re: 7 Day tour from Clacton to Cornwall

Postby fossala » 4 Sep 2017, 7:50pm

Thank you Bertgrower.

I may do that route but nip up to Norfolk and Suffolk coast before hand. Should push the mileage up to around 500miles.