MTB rider killed by hunter in Alps, France

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Re: MTB rider killed by hunter in Alps, France

Postby 100%JR » 17 Oct 2018, 2:59pm

As said on another Forum that all sounds a bit Jeremy Kyle.
His father and current Girlfriend paint a different picture.
I suppose it depends on who you want to believe?
It may well turn out to be a vigilante attack.I'm sure it will all come out soon enough.
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Re: MTB rider killed by hunter in Alps, France

Postby Debs » 17 Oct 2018, 3:01pm

Oh gosh! That puts a new twist on it

I'd better make a few amendments to my previous comments :)

I hope the French legal system gives him a commendation for being such a good shot
and allows him to stuff and mount his prize kill on the hunting lodge wall

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Re: MTB rider killed by hunter in Alps, France

Postby ossie » 17 Oct 2018, 9:13pm

Welcome to Eurovelo 6

I took this west of Orleans on the major EV6 cycling route that was full of cyclists, walkers and children. Prior to this picture something resembling a war zone was happening either side of the cycle path over a distance of 5-10 miles from the city. I actually saw people aiming in the direction of the path albeit they were probably aiming at some small bird.


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Re: MTB rider killed by hunter in Alps, France

Postby Lance Dopestrong » 26 May 2019, 7:45pm

Debs wrote:Typical of gun toting idiots in any country, shoot at anything that moves, shoot first and ask questions later.

That's a sweeping statement. Myself and all the shooters I'm personally acquainted with are rabid about safety, and will instantly disassociate ourselves from someone who is even slightly cavalier in their attitude or behaviour with their gun.

Please direct your ire at the people deserving of it, and not simply assign behavioural attributes by association.
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