2 weeks tour from Dunkirk and back - where to go?

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Re: 2 weeks tour from Dunkirk and back - where to go?

Postby MrsHJ » 27 Jun 2018, 9:59am

HobbesOnTour wrote:That’s a very open question, Wes, :D 3 countries, 2 weeks.... advise me....

I’ve no idea how far you want to travel and the advice you’ve had so far is all valid.

Camping is not an issue in NL, campsites everywhere. Still lots in Belgium, but not as many. Along the coast it’s not an issue at all. Minicampings or Camping bij de Boer (farm campsites) can be very cosy, friendly & cheap.

Cycling paths everywhere, if you are on the road it’s on very quiet roads and traffic is very respectful, in the main.

If you want to catch a train, I suggest you do it in NL. Your ticket and Euro 6 for your bike anywhere.

You specifically mention Bruges (never been on a bike) but expect a very busy place. Amsterdam has an interesting campsite outside the centre. I’ve stayed there and thought it was great – but that was in the winter. I imagine in summer time it is party central.

Based on your time, 2 locations and nothing else, I’d suggest a trip up the coast all the way to Amsterdam (passing thru The Hague, Leiden), on to the Markemeer (old sea towns eg Hoorn) and up over the afsluitdijk, down the other side to Zwolle, then either Arnhem/Nijmegen & on to Antwerp or Utrecht to Antwerp via the Biesbosch natural park, Ghent, Bruges and back to Dunkirk.

You’ll see everything Holland has to offer.... lots of dams, dykes & engineering, big cities, little villages, rural areas, forests, WWI and WWII sites. And some interesting places in Belgium.

That route could be anything from 850 to 1400 km depending on your interests, options & detours. And all pretty flat, but wind can be an issue.

If you want hills, head west. The Vennbahn was mentioned, through the Eiffel area. Very nice riding around there, but frankly difficult to get there from Dunkirk.

I have cycled in Bruges (spent a week there with bikes and car- didn't use the car once there as we did a house swap and the family's house was pretty central and opposite a chocolate shop, just down the road from ribs and frites so basically we had to cycle to avoid going back weighing lots). Easy and flexible- bikes used everywhere, back pedalling for the kids bikes brakes nearly caused a canal disaster.