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Osmand and garmin co ordinate matching

Posted: 26 Jun 2018, 12:56pm
by Sweep
Anyone got any recommended settings to ensure that your osmand and garmin (mine is an etrex20) are using the same co-,ordinate settings? It's doing my head in. Have the idea that I managed it in the past but have now forgotten. These days, sometimes they match and I see the same place on the maps, sometimes not.

There are of course clear advantages in them being set up the same.

Hoping for helpful replies though I recognise that It's a bit of a niche topic.

Re: Osmand and garmin co ordinate matching

Posted: 26 Jun 2018, 1:05pm
by matt_twam_asi
I don't know about the Etrex settings but you can change coordinate formats in Osmand, go to Settings -> Global app settings -> Coordinate format. Hth.

Re: Osmand and garmin co ordinate matching

Posted: 26 Jun 2018, 1:55pm
by Sweep
Yes I know matt.

But which one to choose which lines up with what on the etrex?

Re: Osmand and garmin co ordinate matching

Posted: 27 Jun 2018, 12:20am
by Warin61
What does the etrex use??? I know how to set up my Garmin Map60Cx .. no idea for an etrex.

As for 'seeing the same things' on both .. is the etrex using OSM data?
Even if it is using OSM data what is chosen to be shown is up to the map maker.

Within OSMand there are various settings to show different things .. like road surfaces, bicycle routes .. and then different styles too.
So there too there will be different things shown depending on how it is set up.
And you can also use the different modes - car, bicycle and walking to show different things too.
Lots of variety here.

You remind me of an old Indian Railway joke.
Tourist wanted to find out want time a train left.
Asked when buying the ticket. Answer One.
Asked the platform attendant. Answer Two.
Sought the Station Master and asked again. Answer Three.

Then complained that he had 3 different answers at to when the train left. Station Master told him if he wanted the same answer then he should have asked the same person the same question.

Maybe you should look at only one of them? :lol:

---------------- :idea:
I would start with a local paper map .. what coordinates does it have?
If you personally don't have or use a paper map .. chose the most popular maps that others use, probably OS - The National Grid OSGB36.

Then match those datum/coordinate systems on both etrex and OSMAnd ?
This makes it easier to obtain help .. both to and from others.