Outer Hebrides "tour". Train to Oban or car?

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Re: Outer Hebrides "tour". Train to Oban or car?

Postby Tinnishill » 3 Oct 2018, 2:38pm

Things might improve a bit come 2019;

https://www.scotsman.com/news/transport ... -1-4755533
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Re: Outer Hebrides "tour". Train to Oban or car?

Postby hoogerbooger » 11 Oct 2018, 11:30pm

Coming back via Fort Willaim seems like a way to ruin a good trip. The scenery just can't match the wild wild west.

Oban - castle Bay - Harris -Skye Mallaig using the train is as good as touring gets in my view ( if you're lucky with the weather).

The hassle of booking bikes on trains and all the planning is part of the fun of touring....when it all comes off......and if it doesn't you just replan and get on a later ferry..., but probably you'll be on the Calmac with a smile cos the plan worked. Both train trips are beautiful. We nearly didn't get our bikes on the Oban train, then had a happy delay with a tree dropping on the line and hitting the train which couldn't stop quick enough. All on the train had a nice natter and a local farmer rocked up with a chainsaw & a fag, can of petrol and no protective gear. Just like the good old days. A car is the ruin of adventure. Do a circuit using the train from Glasgow.