Eurovelo 7 between Linz & prague

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Eurovelo 7 between Linz & prague

Postby bobbyj » 17 Sep 2018, 3:19am

Hi....I am on the Danube Eurovelo 6 at the moment but soon to go north to Prague to catch my plane back to England...

From Linz ,the eurovelo 7 follows this route and wondered if anyone has cycled this and could give me any information on it..e.g. are the roads good for there plenty of it long might it take (They say it is approx 300 km).
Also, any suggestions as to where I can get a bike box once I am in Prague.
Thanks ...
Bob. J.

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Re: Eurovelo 7 between Linz & prague

Postby Vorpal » 20 Sep 2018, 10:10am

I've only done the Austrian part. I haven't been to Prague.

From Linz to St. Georgen, it is shared with the Danube cycleway. Signposting is fine, occasionally a bit patchy in towns.

How long it will take depends upon how far you go each day.

These folks did it from South to North in 2004, so it's dated, but unlikely to have gotten worse.

I was considering doing the Nordic part, which is how I found this description.
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Re: Eurovelo 7 between Linz & prague

Postby Cyckelgalen » 21 Sep 2018, 12:21pm

Hi, we did it last month, 4 or 5 days at a very leisurely pace. Bear in mind that the southern half is very rugged terrain, no big mountains but constant hills. You can camp all tne way, some very basic and cheap sites, but then you have to plan your journey to finish your day at a camp site. Plan a day at Cesky Krumlov, and absolute jewel, better than Prague.

The route follows the Moldau river roughly, and it is signposted with a number 7 in a yellow square or a blue triangle with a bike and a flow of water. But it is not always easy to follow, and worse, it is not always the best alternative. The problem I see with many Eurovelos is that they take as an absolute priority avoiding tne more trafficked roads and sometime they take absurd lengthy detours on horrible potholed roads just to spare you some Ks of a trafficked road that you will have to take anyway further on. So consider planning a rough Eurovelo 7 without following it strictly.
Most of it are backcountry roads with little traffic, there is a marvellous bike lane north of Budejovice through gorgeous forests for about 25 ks and another good lane just south of Prague on the eastern side of the river for about 10 Kms, that is about it when it comes to bike- only lanes. But before you reach this bike lane into Prague you have the worst stretch, about 30 Kms of heavily trafficked road with bad surface and no hard shoulder.

If you camp, the Ausee camp is a good cheap option outside Linz, right on tne Donau Radweg, the Danube cycle route. Just there you can cross tne river over the dam road, only for bikes, and steer noth to the Czech Republic. If you are a beer drinker you will love it, if you are not you may well become one.

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Re: Eurovelo 7 between Linz & prague

Postby levarg » 2 Oct 2018, 1:29pm

I've cycled much of the route in the Czech Republic. It is well signposted with distinctive yellow signs, but I don't think it is marked with the Eurovelo numbering. Instead it uses the local numbering system. From recollection I think you will also see Greenway marked on some of the signposts.
As cykelgalen suggests, a stop over in Cesky Krumlov is a must. Wonderful place. In fact I would make it an over night stay.