Bike bag- Only 1 trip!

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Bike bag- Only 1 trip!

Postby Woodtourer » 11 Oct 2018, 3:06am

Well we just returned from Europe a while ago and our plastic bike bag, a mattress bag, is kaput! They made it to London and we're then pack on our bikes for about 2 months and on our return flight from Copenhagen to the US they are trashed.
I thought I had read earlier bthat some folks got a few trips out of their's. Not us!

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Re: Bike bag- Only 1 trip!

Postby foxyrider » 11 Oct 2018, 8:50am

Guess it depends on the baggage handlers i've had a solid bike carry frame trashed on one flight - inside a padded bag emblazoned fragile! I think they take it as a challenge.

Having seen how some luggage is thrown around, dropped off bands, tractors etc it's a wonder more stuff isn't trashed.

Btw, hope you had a great trip.
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