Parking in Marmande, France

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Parking in Marmande, France

Postby TerryField » 12 Oct 2018, 5:03pm

For various reasons we need to park our car close to Marmande, south of Bordeaux, for a couple of week nexts June, while we cycle the Canal du Midi.

Does anyone have any knowledge of where to park reasonably safely or indeed, has any contacts down there who would look after a car for us?

Many thanks


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Re: Parking in Marmande, France

Postby MrsHJ » 12 Oct 2018, 5:20pm

Last time we did similar in Limoux we arranged with the campsite we started from to leave the car there. Similar should go for a (rural) hotel.

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Re: Parking in Marmande, France

Postby eileithyia » 13 Oct 2018, 7:53am

That's what we have done in the past, asked campsite / B&B / YHA owners if we can leave the vehicle for a couple of weeks, booking the return night at the establishment helps.
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Re: Parking in Marmande, France

Postby gillbrown55 » 13 Oct 2018, 9:41am

A local campsite?