A List of former YHA hostels

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Re: A List of former YHA hostels

Postby zenitb » 12 Jun 2019, 7:45pm

Tangled Metal wrote:...

Skiddaw was a joint venture hostel for a while between the yha and a private individual who to be polite was eccentric. That has closed.

.....I also found wild camping and tbh even preferred to camp in the commercial camp sites. Camping is more fun and has less snoring.

Good news TangledM .. the Skiddaw hostel is open again and has been for some years now. Its run by a really friendly young couple nowadays - super recommended. I camped there in 2017 and 2018 but we could just as easily have stayed in the hostel rather than camped. As campers we could use all the hostel facilities including the kitchen/shop/toilets etc. The local beers they sell are worth a try as well...

Of course the bridleway to get there is pretty challenging to cycle - MTB only really and even then you will be pushing parts of it. We actually backpacked there on foot both times (via Skiddaw/Blencathra) but we passed lots of cyclists on the bridleway to Keswick.

Historically this was the hunting lodge of the Third Earl of Egremont.. given his reputation though I highly doubt the cover story that it was purely hunting parties that stayed there .. but you can imagine him and his retinue socialising round the fire in the kitchen as you sup. Its a great piece of history. Because you cant drive there the company is also self-selecting - runners, backpackers, walkers - people who love the lakes and the outdoors.

Some pics and links... including our tents .. I agree with you about preferring camping BTW :-)
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Re: A List of former YHA hostels

Postby millimole » 13 Jun 2019, 7:15pm

DaveReading wrote:Does anyone remember Winchester City Mill ?

I seem to recall that the washroom involved taking some wooden steps down under the hostel to where you could throw a bucket on the end of a rope into the River Itchen for your ablutions.

Or did I just imagine that ?
No you didn't imagine it!
I stayed there in the early 70s and that was the arrangement for the men's washroom. I think women had much more conventional facilities.

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