Secure bicycle storage in Amsterdam

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Secure bicycle storage in Amsterdam

Post by LittleGreyCat »

As a group we are planning on spending a day or so in Amsterdam and don't particularly want to lose our bikes to the locals (or other tourists).

Any idea of accommodation (or just a location) with secure bike storage?
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Re: Secure bicycle storage in Amsterdam

Post by bohrsatom »

Generally the municipalities provide secure bike parking in towns and cities. I've never done this in Amsterdam (have never been there on tour) but have used these facilities in at least half a dozen places including Utrecht and Maastricht. Most are free and have either CCTV or a security guard to stop your bike being nicked.

The word to search for is fietsenstalling, You're unlikely to find anything in English so Google Translate will be your friend.

Edit: looks like this is what you're after - ... entelijke/
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Re: Secure bicycle storage in Amsterdam

Post by eileithyia »

I really can't recall where we stayed on the periphery of Amsterdam (ex hubby handled all the bookings) but the hotel was adjacent to a large concourse, had no secure cycle storage facilitie, but within the concourse area and next to the station, was a large cycle shop with underground storage. We were able to store bikes (for a small fee) in this area for the duration of our stay. Access to the storage area was by ticket. It was well used by the Dutch who cycled to the station and then commuted by train into the centre, it was only 10-20 mins into the centre with regular trains well into the evening.
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Re: Secure bicycle storage in Amsterdam

Post by Aquila »

I've stayed in Amsterdam, whilst looking i was surprised by the lack of secure bike storage at most hotels. The place we stayed had no room for bikes and suggested we chain our bikes up in front of the hotel. They stated that many guests had done this in the past and that they had never had a problem however it was at our own risk should we choose that option. We did as suggested and also had no problem, We removed quick release seat posts and also had a very long, very strong secure cable (locking quick release wheels) to lock the bikes up with.

As bohrsatom suggests there are many inexpensive and secure fietsenstalling (cycle parking) located throughout the city a good way to search for these is zoom into google maps on the area you want to stay and type " fietsenstalling" into the search bar
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Re: Secure bicycle storage in Amsterdam

Post by JakobW »

Just in addition to the above, 'bewaakte fietsenstalling' suggests that it's secure/guarded cycle storage. I wouldn't leave a good bike locked up on the street for any length of time in Amsterdam (or any other major Dutch city) without multiple heavy-duty locks.
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Re: Secure bicycle storage in Amsterdam

Post by PH »

I had a few nights there last year, booked the cheapest hotel I could find which was a couple of miles out, they had a few hire bikes parked inside, just off the lobby, I locked mine there and used one of there's for getting around. I can dig out the details if you're interested.
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