Taking Bikes by air - where to store the packaging ?

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Re: Taking Bikes by air - where to store the packaging ?

Postby Vorpal » 31 Jan 2019, 10:12am

londoncommuter0000 wrote:
Vorpal wrote:https://www.wiggle.co.uk/ctc-cycling-uk-plastic-bike-bag/ packs small enough to carry it with.

That's what I've used the last couple of tours, and transporting bikes by plane.

We considered them. Then one day, as we stood at 'outsize baggage' collection at Heathrow waiting for our big backpacks, we saw them bring out a bicycle in a softish, padded bag, and toss it onto the floor at our feet.

We bought 2 x Bike Box(es) Alan.

Yes, I watched bikes being thrown at Glasgow when we went to collect ours at the oversized luggage place. I didn't see mine being thrown, but the cardboard box was in fairly rough shape.

I generally think that if the luggage handlers can see what they are handling, and that it is (mostly) unprotected, they will handle it more carefully.

Anyway, I've had good success with the poly bag. I don't fly so often with a bike; over 8 years or so, I think I've flown with a bike 4 times. Each time, my bike has arrived in good condition. I've been using the same bag, and the only damage to the bag is that it has worn through where the quick release sticks out at the end of the axle. It's been repaired there with tape twice.
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