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Postby robing » 31 Jan 2019, 3:12pm

Just seen this recommended for European coach travel in the latest Cycle magazine. Compared with Bike Express it's a fraction of the price and has many more routes. However, I believe you can't take bikes on the bus from the UK. Does anyone have experience of using Flixbus?

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Re: Flixbus

Postby mjr » 31 Jan 2019, 3:17pm

Searching this site for flixbus suggests that some have used them to get from the non-UK side of channel ports to various places. The buses to/from the UK are operated by Eurolines who apparently still won't take bikes.
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Re: Flixbus

Postby b1ke » 31 Jan 2019, 10:31pm

They will take bikes on racks attached to the outside of the bus between March and November, as I understand it, but double check on their site. It also mentions taking full sized bikes in the hold if they're in a bag. I had problems with this when I booked a couple of years ago. I got conflicting information from their customer service dept. and took my folder in the end because of the ambiguity.
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Re: Flixbus

Postby brynpoeth » 1 Feb 2019, 1:02am

Would not fancy putting my machine on the back of the bus, outside
Better to go by train
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Re: Flixbus

Postby ANTONISH » 2 Feb 2019, 10:03am

brynpoeth wrote:Would not fancy putting my machine on the back of the bus, outside
Better to go by train

I'm inclined to agree with that. I considered Flixbus to get to Narbonne last year - I decided the train was a better way.
Using Flixbus meant a long time on a coach- obviously the train is more expensive - of course if I'd been young my choice may have been for the cheaper option.
As for a coach rear rack I don't think I'd want to risk it - but then I no longer carry bikes on the outside of my car.