Train Loughborough to Sheffield advice

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Train Loughborough to Sheffield advice

Postby seanpk » 5 May 2019, 8:55am

Newbie with bikes and trains, any advice on Loughborough to Sheffield route probably about 5 on a Thursday
Cheers, Sean

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Re: Train Loughborough to Sheffield advice

Postby PH » 5 May 2019, 12:19pm

I use the route through Loughborough frequently, though more likely for journeys Leicester<>Derby<>Sheffield and beyond.
The direct train is likely to be East Midlands, the bike space is either at the end opposite the first class and is a compartment with a sliding door that's nearly always open, or two cupboards half way up the train where the bikes hang by a wheel. Bike reservations are recommended, get one when you book the ticket either at the station, or use one of the websites that lets you do it online (I use GWR) or you can ring EMT and book over the phone though this doesn't give you the physical evidence.
The rules are you have to book and there's only space for 2 bikes, the reality is I've seen up to 6 bikes on a morning train and frequently use it without booking. Station staff may or may not know where the bike compartment is going to be, the worst is where then think they know and don't... there's a bike symbol by the right door, I stand half way along the platform and try and spot it as the train comes in.
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