Maintenance and toolkit when touring

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Re: Maintenance and toolkit when touring

Postby Jdsk » 18 Dec 2020, 7:20pm

djb wrote:... with my mechanical discs, Avid BB7, I've added a tiny screwdriver and a very small pair of needlenose pliers, both which make changing out pads easier (for me anyway). The needlenose pliers are good anyway for pulling out embedded car or truck tire wires out of a tire, which can and does happen.

The quality of the tips determines which pliers come with me on the bikes. At the moment my Victorinox Spirit (non-bike) multitool fills that niche.


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Re: Maintenance and toolkit when touring

Postby djb » 19 Dec 2020, 1:55pm

We luckily had a really small light pair in the house, and they work fine. Discovered on a long trip with a friends bike that bb7 pad changes are easier with them. Maybe it's just me, but glad to have them anyway as my other tools don't have pliers.