Posting Bike ahead (Budapest)

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Posting Bike ahead (Budapest)

Postby sebdickson » 1 Jun 2019, 5:53pm

Hi All,

I'm going interrailing with some (non cycling) friends out to east Europe.
I also have plans with other (cycling) friends to go touring from somewhere east back home to the UK- this looks like an excellent way of getting myself to the far end of the tour without having to fly, but i'd need a way of getting my bike out to Budapest/ wherever the link point would be- it wouldn't be able to go round on the trains with me out there.

It looks like my options are:
Get it flown out with my other friends when they come out - does anyone know if airlines will accept 2 bike bags per person?

Post it out - but i need a delivery address that would be able to hold it for a few days. Has anyone had any suggestions for how this might work? Speculatively phone up bike shops, or a hostel, or a friendly face e.g. warmshowers?


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Re: Posting Bike ahead (Budapest)

Postby Warin61 » 1 Jun 2019, 11:17pm

You can send it to yourself 'Poste restante'. If the post office will accept it (could be too big, or the responding post office does not do Poste restante ... and the charges might be higher than flying 2 bikes... If you do go Poste restante, select a specific post office .. not just 'Budapest' as it will have quite a few post offices ... I spent a day in Athens once tracking down my parcel. :oops:

Yes air lines will fly 2 bicycles .. but it will cost you. Best to pre pay - could be cheaper that way, and they will know the luggage is coming. Sometimes they may not have space on the plane .. so a bike or 2 might arrive later.

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Re: Posting Bike ahead (Budapest)

Postby simonhill » 2 Jun 2019, 7:25pm

There are regular questions about transporting bikes abroad. To date I haven't seen anyone get a better price than taking it with them either on plane or train. A recent one here viewtopic.php?f=16&t=129957&p=1354073&hilit=courier#p1354073

Personally, I doubt you could post it. I doubt even more that it would be held in a Post Office as poste restante - but you could try.

I have to disagree that (all) airlines will take 2 bikes per passenger. I have read in plenty of bike carriage T&Cs that only bike per person. I like the idea of a friend taking your bike, but make sure it can be done. Preferably get a written confirmation from the airline.

Whatever you decide, it would be useful if you could post the results of your enquiries.