Cornwall & Devon Coast & Borders

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Re: Cornwall & Devon Coast & Borders

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 3 Aug 2019, 4:27pm

I originally planned the route to do all non cul-de-sacs...................892 miles.... :shock:
Trimmed it down to do the 656 :)
Last course day seven actually worked out at 41 miles not the planned 56, started to falter at 21.30 on home ground and missed out last few beaches with a fair switch back, I don't feel bad about missing the last few.

There appears to be no official coast route for devon and cornwall.
I tried eventually to use cycle routes, there are cycle routes and there are sustrans shoved down rocky footpaths :?
A few green lanes after dark, a few beach cycle routes with those corrugated honeycombed concrete tiles (I can only assume the fist size holes are meant to fill with sand?)

Despite the 23 mmm types supporting 105 kgs in all and no maintainance on route (never repumped after 120 psi start) and the hitting rims no flats no damage to tyres :)
As comfortable as my tourer with 35 mm tyres.

I will try to clean up the route and post files in case any other mad person would like to have a go :P

Thanks for the mention, much appreciated.

Seriously not a ride I will complete again, TBH the scenery does not make up for the hills and the hedged lanes, unlike moor rides your views are hidden allot.
Does not help if you are on your own with no fixed destination to settle especially in the dark.

Much gear to modify / leave at home, solo makes carrying tools etc a hamper.
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