Tips for cycling to Paris

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Tips for cycling to Paris

Postby badcyclist » 12 Jul 2019, 9:46pm

Hi all,

New to the board.

Looking for any tips about a trip from Dieppe to Paris. Cycling down with my wife in mid August. 2/3 days with return by train.

Avenue verte - yes or no?

Best routes?

Good points to stop etc.

French trains cycle friendly??

Thanks in advance

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Re: Tips for cycling to Paris

Postby robgul » 14 Jul 2019, 7:46am

Just follow the avenue verte - a pretty painless way into the centre of Paris, well-signed (just watch out for the hordes of charity riders pounding along :D )


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Re: Tips for cycling to Paris

Postby b1ke » 14 Jul 2019, 8:18am

+1 for the Avenue Verte.

Regarding trains, no problem with the bike from Paris to Dieppe. You'll probably need to change at Rouen. - Europe on a Tandem.... - West Africa on a Tandem....

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Re: Tips for cycling to Paris

Postby bohrsatom » 14 Jul 2019, 10:43am

Check out Donald Hirsch's route:

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Re: Tips for cycling to Paris

Postby BeardyWeirdy » 14 Jul 2019, 8:43pm

The Verde is good. 1st few miles out of the port not great, then a lovely ride to the edge of Paris. I didn't go in when I did it

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Re: Tips for cycling to Paris

Postby hamster » 15 Jul 2019, 9:56am

Just got back from a trip that ended in Paris, using the Canal D'Ourcq from the NW (near Charles De Gaulle Airport). It starts in a park-like route under trees, then an ever-widening canal towpath via Aulnay and Bobigny into Paris. Totally hassle-free, no shared roads and really pleasant.