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minibus/coach into europe

Posted: 2 Sep 2019, 7:13pm
by Davidwd

Does anyone know of a company that would take a group 16 - 20 people to a destination in Europe and then pick us up at a different destination say 10 days later? Bikeliner used to do it but they don't do it any more.

Thank you

Re: minibus/coach into europe

Posted: 2 Sep 2019, 7:36pm
by simonhill
A non cycling group I am in often hire small coaches to get about. Just go to any of your local coach hire places and ask for a quote. It won't be cheap as it is effectively 2 return trips.

Presumably you are taking bikes, which may complicate things a bit. Most coaches have large under storage areas. To take many bikes, they would need to be stripped down a bit and could risk damage. You could also think about boxing some so they can be stacked in the hold or even go inside, but this may present a H&S problem of having unsecured luggage in the coach. A lot will depend on how helpful the coach company want to be.

A cheaper option would be to get one or two mates and do it by hiring mini buses that can be driven on an ordinary licence, even this is 2 returns.

Finally, maybe hire 2 minibuses, drive to start. Park. Cycle. Two drivers return to start, drive back to pick up. This could be cheapest option.

Interested to hear any other options.

Re: minibus/coach into europe

Posted: 2 Sep 2019, 9:14pm
by cycleruk
Have you looked at "Bike Express" :-

If next year you might be able to book a group with them ?

Re: minibus/coach into europe

Posted: 3 Sep 2019, 5:42pm
by eileithyia
yes try the european bike express.

Or look at a private hire, we hired a coach to take children (and parents) with bikes to the start of the coast to coast and then to return... With front wheels out the MTB's mostly stood upright, wedged by bags.

Re: minibus/coach into europe

Posted: 3 Sep 2019, 6:10pm
by PH
If you do a search, there’s a thread with a couple of minibus/trailer recommendations. One from me, for a company no longer in business (they couldn’t make it pay) but the other may still be going. I’ve also used coach companies and had 26 bikes in the space under one, though that still leaves half the seats empty. These are in the UK I’ve looked at Europe options a couple of times but haven’t organised one yet.
Have you considered splitting the bikes and riders? Coach travel is incredibly cheap, I’m writing this on a coach trip from Derby to Santander (with folding bike) £42. Moving the bikes shouldn’t be too hard, at its simplest a van following the bus, though you’ll still have to work out if it’s viable for all the empty mileage and two crossings. It’d take a bit of planning, the cheapest option would be to box and pallatise the bikes. Should get at least 4 bikes per pallet, carry the wheels on the coach and it’d be at least 6, three pallet movements would be around £400 (a good bit less if an account holder books it) I don’t know what sort of budget you had in mind, but it could work out a bargain.
EDIT. I’ve used and like Bike Express but the routes are limited and you’re paying for the full trip even if you only use part of it