Bikes on Swedish trains

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Bikes on Swedish trains

Postby foxyrider » 3 Sep 2019, 3:45pm

I know this has been alluded to in the past but I thought i'd pass my own experience on, having had cause last weekend to travel across Skane with a poorly bike. :(

It is true that the long distance trains operated by SJ (the national carrier) are both difficult to use with a bike and unhelpful. Folding bikes are okay, so are other bikes as long as they are bagged and will fit in the luggage racks - with the proviso that the conductor will allow it.

On the other hand, the more modern local trains covering most areas certainly do take bikes - in Skane for example you need a bike ticket but there is space for up to 10 bicycles. If you don't mind slumming it on nice new trains and possibly changing trains to get where you want to be, they can be a godsend. For example, I needed to get from Simrishamn on the east coast to Trelleborg to catch my ferry to Germany, there isn't a direct rail link but you can get through ticketing across the Skanetraffiken network - I had to go through to Malmo and change which cost me the princely sum of 179SEK (about £17). You will need to check the websites of each county transport association for pricing and possible restrictions.

It may also be possible to take your bike on the country bus network (the yellow buses) but I haven't tried this - most of the vehicles have a bike rack fitted, it may be at the drivers discretion.

Knowing this before my trip may have changed some of the dynamics - I'll certainly be considering using the network on any possible future trip.
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