North Sea Cycle route (Denmark) - advice please

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North Sea Cycle route (Denmark) - advice please

Postby BigTrev » 21 Oct 2019, 10:27am

Hi Everyone. - we want to cycle the North Sea Cycle route along the west coast of Denmark. We were thinking of flying in to Aarlborg and hiring bikes to cycle over to the west coast and up to Skagan then back again to Aarlborg.

I just wondered if anyone has any handy tips about bike hire, routes or where to stay/ eat? Also if anyone knows about taking our own bikes I'd be really interested to hear how easy that is and what you do with your bike carrier after leaving the airport (i.e. where do you store it while you tour?)

Many thanks


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Re: North Sea Cycle route (Denmark) - advice please

Postby kath2376 » 10 Nov 2019, 7:56pm

Hi, I came across the North Sea Cycle route (Denmark) just the other day and started researching for information. Are you looking for campsites? These websites might be interesting for you:{%22x%22:466664.1986045392,%22y%22:6198219.689582953,%22zoom%22:3,%22categories%22:[%229%22]}

it shows campsites as well as areas where you can put up your tent for free ... l&region=2 information about cycle routes

Hope I could help you

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Re: North Sea Cycle route (Denmark) - advice please

Postby foxyrider » 10 Nov 2019, 8:59pm

Aarlborg has never come up when i've been looking for flights into that region from the UK, i've used Hamburg and Copenhagen, both of which give fairly good onward travel links from the airport.

How easy/difficult it is to fly with your own bike can depend on many things, i've used left luggage a few times to store my bag for the duration of the trip, you may be able to arrange something with a hotel/b&b if you use one for first/last nights.

Things to be aware of - food in restaurants is expensive, its not cheap to self cater but it is cheaper. look out for 'truckers' cafes/kiosks, the food might be basic but its more affordable. Over several trips i've only found bike shops in bigger towns so you need to be prepared for the worst just in case. Do check that if you are hiring that a) the bikes have suitable racks and b) that your bags will fit.
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Re: North Sea Cycle route (Denmark) - advice please

Postby dinger207 » 11 Nov 2019, 1:14pm

Copenhagen is on the far east and there are tolls (for cars, not sure about bikes) on bridges back to the mainland. There is an airport at Billund which is served by Ryanair from Stansted, it is primarily for people going to adjacent Legoland but is much nearer the west coast, and also Luton to Esbjerg which is on the west coast