Travel prepping + What are some funny quandaries you churn over?

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Re: Travel prepping + What are some funny quandaries you churn over?

Postby Jamesh » 4 Jan 2020, 9:32am

Would love to do NC500 but I doubt o will get the chance.

More likely all the best climbs of the lakes.

In-laws are moving the forest of Dean area so looking forward to riding down the there in the middle term. Brecon beacons one way and Malverns the other.....

Want to start coast ride hull to Darlington first up. Then to Edinburgh.

Cheers James

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Re: Travel prepping + What are some funny quandaries you churn over?

Postby Morzedec » 7 Jan 2020, 5:41pm

As many on this forum know, I'm always looking for a rich widow to go touring with me.

Can't think of anything else to add.

Happy days, (potentially),
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Re: Travel prepping + What are some funny quandaries you churn over?

Postby WildVirtue » 21 Feb 2020, 11:18am

Appreciate all the responses. I also get how this travel plan looks the least romantic adventure on earth haha. If I had my eyes on somewhere unfamiliar like Southern France for the grape season I wouldn't put any planning in except maybe making sure the bike and tent are fit for purpose. It's just the idea of travelling a well trod road and wanting to test out what resources are worth using to be able to pass on a really useful toolkit.

So anyways I'm pretty chocked full of lists of locations to be able to upload to my gps navigator and I'll print a backup list of addresses and OS co-ordinates in pamphlet form. But out of curiousity, I was wondering what are some resources other people would like to see mapped?

Every time I go mountain biking with the dog I wish farmers would have mapped which field their animals were in so I could plan which way to go and be able to let the dog off to have fun chasing squirrels. So what are some of your most absurd idealistic niche map ideas and what are some some simple community map ideas you have. Bonus points if it's something I could work into my travel research.

Here's where I'm up to at the moment:

UK Cycle Touring in Solidarity; A How To - #1 Travel Prepping

(Locations are ordered by necessity to the trip, not necessarily the main meaningful activity involved in participating.)

Event Locations

• Food Not Bombs food distribution and political advocacy
• People's Kitchen
• Foraging group walks
• Field greaning days to politicize food waste
• Farm work days
• Allotment Club work days

• Cycle Club Rides
• Free Bus Routes

• Hiking group meets
• Wild swimming group swims

• Animal rights advocacy with slaughterhouse footage
• Wildlife habitat restoration
• Sabotaging the blood-sport of running down foxes with dogs
• Baring witness to the animals soon to be killed outside slaughterhouses

• Philosophy discussion groups
• Book Clubs
• Writing Groups

• Festivals & Gatherings
• Open mic nights
• Music tours

Game playing:
• Kabaddi group meets

Permanent Locations

• Dumpster Diving & Foraging
• Real Junk Food Projects
• Sikh Temples

• Wild camping beauty spots
• Food & board for good work
• Couchsurfing
• Mountain huts
• Traveller sites

• Wild swimming spots
• Public Showers

• Public charging stations
• Free Wifi

• Freecycling
• Pick your own gardens
• Foodbanks
• Animal Sanctuaries
• Mountain/Cave Rescue Training

• Activist Centres
• Zine libraries
• Book libraries
• Museums
• Art galleries
• Radio Ranges

• Caves
• Urban Exploration

Game Playing:
• Ping-pong parlors
• Chess in the park
• Volleyball
• Petanque
• Basketball


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Re: Travel prepping + What are some funny quandaries you churn over?

Postby WildVirtue » 15 Mar 2020, 10:55am

I've built 2 large spreadsheets of resources that can be found using a simple gps navigator.

Click the links below to see:

Travel Resources
Travel Resources by UK Area

I also plan to print a series of pamphlets seperated by areas of the UK to have and distribute as back up hard copies.

I'm doing event locations and calanders next. But any suggestions for resources to map or additions/fixes are very welcome.

Examples of information gathered:

Dumpster Diving & Foraging

• Apple – 1072
• Blackberry – 440
• Plum – 244
• Dumpster (edible) – 241
• Cherry – 226
• Elderberry – 169
• Pear – 163
• Blackthorn – 162
• Cherry plum – 96
• Hazel – 80
• Community garden – 75
• Walnut – 75
• Raspberry – 72
• Sweet chestnut – 65

Real Junk Food Projects

• The Real Junk Food Project (Leeds)
◦ TRJFP Ripon – Wholemeal Cafe
◦ Food Revival
◦ The Outback Community Kitchen & Garden
◦ Golden Lion Todmorden
• The Real Junk Food Project Doncaster
• Food Works Sheffield
◦ Citrus Café at Zest
• Fur Clemt (Wigan)
◦ Fur Clemt Tyldesley
◦ Fur Clemt Stubshaw Cross
• Open Kitchen MCR
• The Real Junk Food Project Wolverhampton
◦ St Wilfrid’s Community Centre
◦ St Germain’s Church
◦ Harborne Baptist Church
◦ Winson Green – Sharehouse
• The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham
◦ Winson Green – Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham
◦ The Hub - Hodge Hill
◦ Ladywood Health and Community Centre
◦ Hobs Moat
◦ Kings Heath Community Centre
◦ Kings Heath All Saints Centre
• The Real Junk Food Project Coventry
• Real Junk Food Project Brighton – Bevendean Food Hub
◦ Hollingdean Community Centre
◦ St Luke’s Church, 64 Old Shoreham Road
◦ One Church, Gloucester Place
◦ St John The Baptist
• The Real Junk Food Project South Coast
◦ Faiths Church
◦ Buckland Community Centre
◦ Rowner Family Centre
◦ Eco Freaks Emporium
• EATS Rosyth Community Hub
• The Real Junk Food Project Glasgow
• Refugee Community Kitchen

Food and Board for Good Work

• HelpX
• Diggers and Dreamers


• Road Services
• Campsites
• Sports Centres
• Train Stations
• Council Toilets
• Coach Stations

Animal Sanctuaries

• Upper Severn
◦ Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary
◦ The Farm Animal Sanctuary
◦ Hillfields Animal Sanctuary
• Lower Central
◦ Helicopter Ears
• Upper East Coast
◦ Hillside Animal Sanctuary
• Lower East Coast
◦ Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary
• The South-East
◦ Friend Animal Rescue
◦ Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust

Radio Ranges

• Pirate
• Leftist
• UK Talk Shows
• Call in Talk Shows

Chess in the park

• London
◦ Casual Chess Cafe
◦ Holland Park Chess
• Edinburgh
◦ Chess in the Park at Edinburgh Castle


• Brighton
◦ The Level
◦ The Petanque Court