Wales Tour, summer 2020

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Re: Wales Tour, summer 2020

Postby pwa » 14 Feb 2020, 9:08am

Preparations continue for our summer tour and my thoughts are turning to tyre choice.

My bike is no problem. Acres of clearance so any tyre will do. But my wife's bike, admirable in most ways, has one tiny problem. It is based around a re-purposed Islabikes Luath, a bike for teenagers and, frankly, a bit too short in the front centres. The only issue is that there isn't quite enough room between toe and front mudguard for my liking. At the moment she has 28mm Marathon Supremes (no longer made in that size) and SKS Chromoplastic guards, and I have it so that her shoe comes within 1mm of touching the guard at the closest point. Clearance between guard and tyre is okay with it like that. There may even be scope for a slightly wider / deeper tyre. As Supremes are now only sold in 32mm+ I am wondering if I can get 32s in there without worries. I don't have any 32s in that tyre to experiment with but I do have an old Pasela in that size so I may dig that out tomorrow and see what I can come up with. I don't want the arrangement to be too much of a worry on the occasional stretch of stone path.