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Mosel Cycle Hire

Posted: 26 Jan 2020, 7:00am
by carlislemike
Ok got my usual nagging urge to travel this late spring. Also, I have my usual doubts about lugging my bike by plane or train across Europe. Is it possible to hire a reasonably decent ]bike from Thionville then cycle to Koblenz where I could leave it ie like a one way car hire? Thanks

Re: Mosel Cycle Hire

Posted: 26 Jan 2020, 2:47pm
by Audax67
I can imagine the reaction in my LBS if I were to ask such a thing: "Quoi? T'es fou?"

That said, something like Decathlon might accommodate you...

Re: Mosel Cycle Hire

Posted: 26 Jan 2020, 6:34pm
by Cyril Haearn
One-way vehicle hire is a thing, not sure about cycle hire

Does decathlon not have a very generous returns policy, if one finds one does not like the machine after a while?
Buy in France, return in Germany?

Or maybe decathlon bikes are so cheap that you could thoyle buying one just for the trip

Re: Mosel Cycle Hire

Posted: 27 Jan 2020, 12:43pm
by mjr
Cyril Haearn wrote:One-way vehicle hire is a thing, not sure about cycle hire

It seemed common in the Loire area last summer. There is a small chain of hire shops where you can collect from one city, return to another. Alternatively, several single-shop rentals will deliver and collect in an area, for free up to a distance, then charged beyond that. So I suspect it is a case of searching for rentals in towns between the end points and asking if they deliver and/or collect. Maybe one in a city near the border like Trier is most likely to be willing to deliver across it?

The alternative would be to catch a train back from Koblenz to Thionville at the end of the trip, or the other way at the start. Takes about 3 hours on regional trains which should take bikes.

Re: Mosel Cycle Hire

Posted: 28 Jan 2020, 5:21pm
by carlislemike
Thanks folks. Sadly Bike Express aren’t doing their Med rte which passed through Nancy; at least for this year.

Re: Mosel Cycle Hire

Posted: 8 Feb 2020, 7:39pm
by mongoose
I don't know about bike hire starting from Thionville but a group of us did the Mosel from Trier to Koblenz last year and two of the group hired bikes and panniers from the hire place at the station in Trier - good bikes with 10 speed groupset and hydraulic disks.

There was no bike return service though. We cycled down the Rhine to Boppard then over the Hunsruck back to Trier - superb cycle route with a fair bit on tarmac rail trails and a good contrast to the flat land cycling along the Mosel.