Bike touring- What to do with bike at museum

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Re: Bike touring- What to do with bike at museum

Postby simonhill » 10 Jun 2020, 11:39am

Angstrom wrote : "other tourists are seldom thieves"

While I generally agree in the bike at museum context, there are plenty of tourists/travellers who prey on other tourists. This is particularly a problem in places like hostels but also happens in tourist hot-spots. Some despicable tourists fund their travels on theft.

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Re: Bike touring- What to do with bike at museum

Postby axel_knutt » 10 Jun 2020, 12:57pm

RobinS wrote:how many people at a tourist attraction want to steal a pannier full of dirty clothing

Thieves are opportunists, they steal first, think later. If they've stolen something useless they'll just chuck it away. We had a brown paper parcel taken from my father's car, it was my cousin's bedlinen that we'd collected from the laundry for her.
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Re: Bike touring- What to do with bike at museum

Postby Angstrom » 10 Jun 2020, 1:18pm

PH wrote:
Angstrom wrote:BTW the campsite I had my tent gone through was in rural Aquitaine, while there's obviously high and low risk areas I don't think anywhere is immune.

I agree, of course.
It's amazing that although we all know that we could be severely injured and even killed on our bikes, we accept that risk with immense consequences, whilst the simple idea of being robbed of panniers and clothes, with a ruined holiday, with a likelihood very low in some places makes some people hesitate to enjoy all the benefits of taking it easy and indeed visiting those museums and other tourist locations with bikes being left alone with a lock.

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Re: Bike touring- What to do with bike at museum

Postby francovendee » 10 Jun 2020, 2:42pm

I live in and have extensively toured South West France. My take on this is that in rural areas theft is fairly rare but... I've noticed that locals invariably lock up their bikes when visiting a supermarket. These aren't high value bikes and the lock could easily be broken. I guess it's to discourage a casual thief.
I always lock up our bikes when visiting any attractions unless there is a place to securely store them. Many cities have car parking that has secure storage for bikes at a reasonable charge.
July and August can be the worse for crime.