Munich to Venice

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Re: Munich to Venice

Postby jacobean » 28 Jun 2020, 9:28pm

whoof wrote:One negative thing I would say about is if you sit outside in the morning or evening wear long trousers and sleeves and buy some Deet. There were a fair few mosquitos. In Venice itself it was OK as surrounded by salt water.Also when we were there it was 35 degrees plus which I like and have no concerns riding in but I do have trouble sleeping of its too hot. I got up at midnight to have a cold shower and there was a queue!

Thanks for heads-up.

Looks like you weren't the only one with the idea of taking a midnight shower!

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Re: Munich to Venice

Postby pal » 30 Jun 2020, 6:12pm

aquilo wrote:Hi, thinking of doing this next year.
There are two versions of the initial leg from Munich, an east and a west version. Does anyone know the pros and cons of either? Both seem pretty similar in profile, just wondering if one was more scenic or different to the other?


I've only tried the east version, so this is only half of an answer, but here goes...! From the point where the paths diverge (just outside Munich), the eastern route starts out as pleasant, but perhaps not super-exciting, riding (through fields, a bit of forest; very quiet lanes and some cycle path), as far as Holzkirchen. From there to the Tegernsee is a bit hillier, and some of the roads are slightly busier -- certainly when you get up to the lake; but the compensation is some really lovely views of the mountains. The paths round the Tegernsee were a bit busy when I was there (it was a beautifully sunny day!), and I got the sense that it was all quite pricey/glitzy too (by German standards, that is...), but after that it became v. quiet again. The last stretch, to Kreuth and over the border, was a mixture of quiet roads and gravel tracks; after Kreuth, some of the gravel roads involve quite a lot of additional climbing, which you can avoid by just staying on the main road (fine if you're happy with a moderate amount of traffic, I'd say). I spent the night at Kreuth: a very very quiet place, but v. scenic too.

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Re: Munich to Venice

Postby aquilo » 5 Jul 2020, 8:33am

Thanks for the respond pal. It would have been unlikely if anyone would have done both, but great to get some info on one of the options,