Europe is open - who's going?

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby robing » 18 Jul 2020, 5:27pm

dnrc wrote:I'm off on Sunday - all the .gov pages have travel updates and right now everywhere is good to go. Insurance including covid contraction cover is available now.

I fly into Cologne, will head for Koblenz and then spend some time pottering around the Moselle/Nurburgring/Eiffel area, will then maybe pop in to Antwerp and then up to get the ferry home at the hook.

Can't wait - will be my first break of more than 3-4 days since this time last year.

FYI you can sign up for real time travel updates on the .gov websites for countries you are planning to visit - they will email you whenever the advice changes.

Nice one. I did some of that area last summer. What will you do re accommodation?

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby dnrc » 19 Jul 2020, 11:01am

Hotel in cologne tonight. Then winging it

Plan to wild camp on hohe acht and somewhere around rurburg in the eifel national park

Other than that no idea.

At departure lounge at stanstead now, its actually nice and quiet.

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby st599_uk » 20 Jul 2020, 11:09am

Been over a couple of times for work. There rules are a bit stricter and more strictly enforced than UK, but more stuff open.
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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby Des49 » 20 Jul 2020, 11:45am

I was hoping to pop over to Brittany at some point this summer, but they seem to be experiencing a surge:- ... n-12030616

Where I am we are clear of cases, so it does seem an unnecessary risk to go anywhere. Now I am thinking just stay at home instead.

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby Herb » 23 Jul 2020, 10:59am

I only picked up on the news about Brittany Ferries ban on cyclists crossing with their bike yesterday, so still in shock. I'm one of those old guys who made the journey every summer (more than 10 years now at least twice a year) sometimes with a solo tent when going on a long tour, or sometimes credit card touring for up to a week when I visit my favourite B&B haunts in Brittany and Normandy.

My smart phone has this feature where it flags up a photo taken by me "on this day 10 years ago" or "5 years ago" or what ever year it happens to be . So over the summer months I have photos pop up reminding me of past tours . This year it has sparked a real nostalgic reaction in me!

I hope this proves to be a temporary measure for this summer . However in the newsletter received from Brittany Ferries it did make it clear they were fighting for their survival and that it was paramount that lorry drivers felt safe to ensure they did not lose this business which would spell the end of the business . It did make me think about how society could change if no viable vaccine comes along . There can be no sentiment in business and travel in particular may become a very different and expensive proposition .

I of course write this with the perspective of an old guy. You youngsters will be fine. Your immune systems will have time to adapt to the "new normal ". Hope you have as much fun as I did !

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby ANTONISH » 23 Jul 2020, 4:08pm


I of course write this with the perspective of an old guy. You youngsters will be fine. Your immune systems will have time to adapt to the "new normal ". Hope you have as much fun as I did !

I was planning to ride Brest to Dieppe this year but Brittany has had a surge in covid 19 :(
It looks like this "old guy" (79) won't be going - I'll have to think of something else.

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby francovendee » 24 Jul 2020, 8:23am

I think for this year it's best if everyone stays in their own country.
The Brits are fearing they may catch it in France and the French worrying that the Brits will bring it in.
Best for all to remain in at home this year and hope for a vaccine ready in time for next year.

I haven't seen my daughter or the grand kids since March and don't intend to visit the UK until I feel the epidemic is under control. :(

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby Colgrenfell » 24 Jul 2020, 12:51pm

Back from a week in Normandy, DFDS ferry Newhaven Dieppe was excellent.. We were lucky with the weather, so stayed on the top deck throughout the journeys there and back... During bathroom trips it was evident that despite the compulsory requirement for a mask to be worn, many people were ignoring this. Lots of hand sanitiser everywhere. On arrival there was the usual mass gathering on the stairs waiting for access to the car decks, but that was easily avoided if you just waited til they had all gone down. It actually felt like an incredibly safe way to travel (easy to maintain a really good distance from others), but my opinion might well have been different if the weather meant we had to stay inside.

Dieppe on a sunny weekend felt like Covid had never happened - it was packed (no distancing at all) and we got out of there asap.. no surprise that there are spikes happening now.. this was before the requirement for masks indoors, so things might have changed. Once out in the countryside it was glorious. Campsites varied but we generally felt were clean, and if you did your own cooking as we did, then other human contact was minimal! Also found a new favourite campsite on the cliffs at Fécamp - views to die for, and even when full, the manager said he would always find a little space for cycle tourists...We extended our stay there by 2 days as the sunsets were so good!

Now that cases are on the rise again I might think twice about going now; but if you avoid any obviously big tourist spots then I think you should be ok.. INAL...YMMV..

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby 1982john » 25 Jul 2020, 6:48pm

Looks like Spain is being taken off the friendly list.

You'll have to self isolate for two weeks upon return

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby whoof » 25 Jul 2020, 8:22pm

1982john wrote:Looks like Spain is being taken off the friendly list.

You'll have to self isolate for two weeks upon return

If the FO advice had been changed to 'don't go' then if you had booked you could get a refund but the current situation means if you work you probably can't go but won't be able to get a refund as they are still open.
Before this kicked off I booked Majorca in September. Unless things change then I will have to whistle for my money. It's another month and a bit, we might ask be back in lock down by then.

EDit. FO advice is only essential travel to mainland Spain but not Canaries and Balearics but still need to isolate from these on return.

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Re: Europe is open - who's going?

Postby horizon » 26 Jul 2020, 11:51am

So, 14 campsites in 14 days across France, down to Bordeaux and beyond by bike and then trains back stopping in all the cities along the way. I hadn't cycled properly in France for years so it was great to be there again. Went, like others, via Newhaven to Dieppe.

Campsites were generally fairly empty, mostly Municipaux. On the coast of Gironde (I was following the Velodysee at that point), they were heaving.

Personally I'm not bothered by the virus but for those who were, the French had helpfully put up lots of signs indicating "Le Plage" and therefore presumably where not to go. :mrgreen:
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