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Re: Cycle Route Planning

Postby Ianwhitwell » 22 Sep 2020, 10:54pm

I'm a returnee to cycle after many years and have found the Kommot App and OS App extremely useful for planning day trips and longer routes. They are not free, but the most useful software options of this type rarely are.Whatever software you decide to use for planning, trial it well locally on familiar roads before planning a longer trip with it. This way you'll identify some of the peculiarities of how it operates.

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Re: Cycle Route Planning

Postby RickH » 25 Sep 2020, 12:32am

Thehairs1970 wrote:Look out for slightly odd routing on Not sure how the algorithms work but it does pick some oddities at times, even when you use waypoints to force it. Having said that, it's not bad at all. I often use komoot to compare routing and then sometimes check using google earth

The only oddity with cycle.Travel that I find (feature or bug depending on your perspective) is it is overly keen to get you off main roads in urban areas, at least in these parts. In more rural areas it is much better behaved.

Another plus for is that, as of this week, you can now link it to Garmin Connect so you can save routes directly to GC & then load them wirelessly from GC to your Garmin.

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Re: Cycle Route Planning

Postby Oldjohnw » 25 Sep 2020, 10:34am

It is usually best not to follow any route slavishly. I always have some kind of map - at the very least OS digital but usually a printout of the OS map for the route with the Cycle travel route marked. I can then vary my route, locate local attractions etc and get more perspective, identifying hills and rivers etc. Takes a bit of time to manually transfer the route but that is to me part of the fun and it helps commit the route to memory to some extent.

Cycle travel is always an excellent starting point especially in an unfamiliar area. But even locally it has taken me on roads I would never otherwise have used.