Shorts for touring

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Re: Shorts for touring

Postby pwa » 21 Oct 2020, 6:24am

Sweep wrote:
pwa wrote:Personally, I hate having anything substantial in shorts pockets when cycling. Nothing more than a tissue lives in my pockets. The phone and the wallet live in the back pocket on my Super C rack top bag. Perhaps those who design some shorts are like me and don't realise that some people like to load their pockets up.

My least favourite pockets are the ones you get on the thigh. I don't use those at all, whether walking or cycling. I hate having a weight in there flapping around.

Pockets are handy for when off the bike, for stuffing in the bits you have just taken off it, lights, gps, assorted clutter etc.

Yes, I can see that, though I always have a bag to take most of that stuff. It is certainly handy to have the wallet in your pocket when you enter a shop. Thinking about it, I operate rather like a woman with a handbag!