Post EHIC - anyone know?

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Re: Post EHIC - anyone know?

Postby Tangled Metal » 5 Oct 2020, 1:14pm

The couple of companies we've used have not expected use of EHIC card first. Iirc one mentions it but only advisory not compulsory.

We've got mild, preexisting conditions which are always declared without any issue. They are acknowledged in the online application process so I don't expect issues.

We do get the better version of cover every time and it's usually for higher risk activities like alpine skiing or cycle touring. It costs more but you've usually got better cover with less surprises if you claim. For example our last cover had up to £3000 costs should we be unable to make the holiday as planned. In our case it paid for minibus taxi to the ferry terminal and back again plus on costs. Not that bad as we had no charges to change ferry day and we had another night with family. Still paid the £400 taxi bill. With enough cover left over (3×£3000=£9000 of cancellation or delay cover).

Basically imho best to get good cover over cheap cover. I could have saved a few tenders but what would get cut out for that? I thought peace of mind is best.

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Re: Post EHIC - anyone know?

Postby st599_uk » 5 Oct 2020, 1:37pm

I'd expect cover to increase in cost as they will need to cover the costs of what they already do and the costs that were covered by the EHIC.
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Re: Post EHIC - anyone know?

Postby Tangled Metal » 5 Oct 2020, 3:52pm

That would probably make my usual travel insurers seem cheaper because they already cover what ehic covers.

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Re: Post EHIC - anyone know?

Postby brianleach » 5 Oct 2020, 4:45pm

I've travelled in France and Spain just with an EHIC. Perhaps it was a risk but I had a pretty bad crash in Spain in late 2011 (don't mention bollards on the cycle path to me!!) and was picked up by an ambulance, triaged at a local hospital and then had xrays and stitches, all without any mention of money. I suspect they may have checked my wallet for the EHIC, that being all I had with me as my wrecked bike and panniers were all taken to Gernika police station!!

I am not expecting the reciprocal arrangements to be available after 31st December and will arrange travel insurance just as we had to before we got all the benefits of being in the EC.

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Re: Post EHIC - anyone know?

Postby simonhill » 5 Oct 2020, 5:48pm

I have just read my travel insurance policy. After some time I found the EHIC bit. Page 9 of the (literally) small print. It doesn't appear to be mentioned in the general preamble, or even medical exclusions, but within it's own small section.

If you say your policy doesn't require it, I would ask if you have read all the small print.

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Re: Post EHIC - anyone know?

Postby Tangled Metal » 5 Oct 2020, 10:02pm

Actually I read as far as where it said that is advisable to carry one but isn't needed. Basically they said we were covered without EHIC card but it can make it run n smoother while the insurance cover is checked. Obviously in more legalese wording.

Our last overseas trip we had both, easier to carry an EHIC card and the insurance papers would be in the hotel room not on us like our summer cycle tour. They sit in one bar bag which is where our money, cards and EHIC card is. If we don't keep the insurance docs with us when rushed to hospital we'd not have the card neither. There's no harm having both while both lasts but surely better to have full insurance that covers you for things your card doesn't as well as things your card covers too

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Re: Post EHIC - anyone know?

Postby Oldjohnw » 6 Oct 2020, 9:32am

Getting health care never did require a card. But without one it could be very bureaucratic. A card was instant proof of entitlement.