Bikes on Eurostar - changes afoot?

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Bikes on Eurostar - changes afoot?

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A while ago I sent an enquiry to Eurodespatch to see whether we could take a tandem (split in two) in their boxed service on Eurostar. They're closed at the moment (covid) but I did finally get a reply that states they'll be closed for the rest of the year, and are considering what services they offer...

Worth campaigning for an improvement?

Here's their email:

Thank you for your email. Firstly I would like to apologise for the length of time it has taken to respond to you. We have received a higher than usual volume of contact, which has meant we have been unable to reply as quickly as we would like.

At this point our luggage service remains closed and is under review of the services that we will offer. Currently I would not be able to advise you regarding specific items, however we hare hoping that the service will resume near the end of the year, so we should have more information soon and we will update the website with the latest updates.
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