cycle across australia

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Re: cycle across australia

Postby swagman » 4 Aug 2009, 11:48pm

I rode across the top Darwin to Broome through Kakadu and the Kimberley. A great piece of wilderness land, Darwin s a interesting town and Broome has a great beach. A great experience and met some friendly campers, take a look.

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Re: cycle across australia

Postby Tony » 6 Aug 2009, 9:30am

"Davidd" is a mate, and when he started his ride bothe George ("Jibi") and mysef were doing our own, separate rides. My own log is on crazyguy at and if you search that site you will find an abundance of info. Also, look up the book "Cycling Outback Australia" for a detailed breakdown.
I second the comment about the night sky. Unbelievable.