Am I fit enough for Berwick to Derby?

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Re: Am I fit enough for Berwick to Derby?

Postby aide555 » 9 Nov 2009, 9:10am

When I say ice it was more like "frosty water" but it was still cold :roll:

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Re: Am I fit enough for Berwick to Derby?

Postby Thomas » 11 Nov 2009, 1:58am

Hello, I rode in Berwick, Northumberland and Yorkshire last summer.
I guess there's a lot of good advice on previous posts. The only thing I want to say is that 50 miles a day is OK, but the big problem in that area is the ups and downs all along the route. Height is obviously not an issue, but I'm sure you'll end up climbing more than in a trip to MT. Ventoux.
Nevertheless, I suggest you to take your chances and go out. You'll see how your concerns just vanish after the first few hours on the saddle.
And remenmber, there's no hill or road that any biker can't negotiate, everything is a matter of patience.

Cheers, Thomas.

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Re: Am I fit enough for Berwick to Derby?

Postby markenduro » 18 Nov 2009, 10:22pm

Go for it. 3 of us did it last year over 3 days, we bivvied out which involved sleeping rough in hedgerows, I would recommend the B&B option :lol: . It is a really enjoyable route, I did it on my kona sutra which was ok for the trip, although I fitted some 37mm tyres for the trip which was useful on the forest sections, the other 2 bikes were a cotic roadrat and a ribble audax. The only real issue I had was that the midges took a liking to the taste of me, especially bad at night on the northern section of the ride.