A new tourer (for a song)

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Re: A new tourer (for a song)

Postby RRSODL » 9 Jul 2020, 3:56pm

RRSODL wrote:
al_yrpal wrote:Hi Matt,

If its a Carrera Subway 2. That's the same bike I have. The only must haves are mudguards and a 'disc' rack and you are in business. The mudguards are easy to fit, you need to make a little plastic spacer on the forks, and use the brazed ons inside the rear stays at the back. I have done several 500 mile tours on mine so far, its been excellent.

Good luck

I really like this idea!!!!

What kind of mudguards and racks are you using with your bike. I cannot seem to find the same mudguards.

This thread was the inspiration to convert my Carrera Subway into a touring bike. The steer tube wasn't long enough so I built another touring bike from scratch. I based it on a Surly Ogre frame and I'm so happy with the new bike, I could have used a steerer extender for a few quids but I would have never been happy with it.

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Re: A new tourer (for a song)

Postby Jamesh » 9 Jul 2020, 11:10pm

I wonder if Al's Dawes galaxy I'd still for sale....!

Cheers James