Publishers for trans Africa cycle expedition book

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Publishers for trans Africa cycle expedition book

Postby Africa biker » 12 Jan 2007, 7:30pm

I have just completed a 710 page book on a trans -Africa cycling expedition I undertook, which encompased the entire European and African continents from North to South ( John 'O' Groats to Cape Town, South Africa).

Does anyone have ANY contact advice on UK publishers who would be interested in a very exotic cycle yarn? I lived in a one man tent in the African bush for 1 year and 117 days, hanging out with the Touregs in the Sahara, Pygmies. in the Congo and the Masai in Kenya etc.

I have had several articles with loads of stunning pics published in British and international cycle mags( New Cyclist, Life Cycle etc etc) and they all had good reviews. I just can't seem to ride that last mile on to the desk of a prospective publisher. :oops:

If anybody knows of ANY contacts in the publishing world who may be interested please drop me a line.

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Postby Penfold » 2 Feb 2007, 11:04pm

Have a look at this website

I think it's the kind of thing you're after

£300 is the cost to you to produce one book or ten thousand books.

They get ISBN numbers and are offered for sale via the internet or by order from UK bookshops......easy

You need to visit the website to get all the info

This guy (around the world cyclist) has used them for part one of his adventures 'tales'

I have brought his book the quality/finsh is very good
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Postby Hugo » 3 Feb 2007, 8:13pm

There are quite a few Electronic book publishers now, who publish and sell
exclusively online.

You buy them until they self destruct in some way, and you cannot send them on to anybody else.

Since you are selling a story which probably requires some technical knowledge of a machine/gadget, and internet is similarly gadgetty, it might be an idea to publish it with one of those e-book sellers too.

Whilst selling an e-book individually is not really viable, ie your own website with a paypal donation suggestion, it IS viable to sell 100s of E-books on one site, which is now being done succesfully; the charges per book are modest.

If you have already got it on your files and folders, nothing could be easier than to send it on to the E-publisher.

I'll have a look for one or two E books sites and post them for you here.
Meanwhile google " E-book publishers" and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Congratulations on the achievement of the Journey AND the book too.
I look forward to reading it, if I may have that pleasure, for the usual
small fee.