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Ernie B


Postby Ernie B » 13 Jan 2007, 4:58pm

Hi Everyone
I got back from Canada last month - crossed the Atlantic by container ship - after completing a RTW trip. Left Harwich in July 2005 - docked in Liverpool December 2006 The whole story is on www.thebuckstop.net
Ernie B


Postby ThomasDylan » 16 Jan 2007, 3:11pm

Hi Ernie!

Quite an epic!

Was the flight over Burma politically influenced?

Drop in next time you're in my neck of the woods ;-)

Ernie B

Postby Ernie B » 17 Jan 2007, 7:36am

Hi Thomas, Thanks very much for the comments. No, the decision to fly over Burma wasn't politically influenced; in fact what's going on their with regard to the regime, if anything, made it more attractive. I was attemting to do my circum navigation without flying but, after numerous visits, interviews and pleas at various Mayanmar embasies and consulates en route, I just couldn't get permision to cross their border from either India or Bangladesh. The only thing I could do was to fly in, cycle round and fly out again. So, I reluctantly decided that one flight over the place was better than the two required to visit it. Ernie

Kentish Man

Postby Kentish Man » 18 Jan 2007, 9:57pm

Hello Ernie,
Congratulations on a very impressive journey. It's going to take me a while to cover all of your blog but that's nothing compared to your efforts!

Ernie B

Postby Ernie B » 19 Jan 2007, 7:59am

Hi Chapeau. Thanks very much for the congrats and glad you've enjoyed the blog so far - I hope it doesn't bore you too much! I had some meetings with a publishing consultant in Halifax, Nova Scotia before I left Canada and she thinks there may be a book in there. So, I'm currently doing what she suggested and then going to try and get it published. If my knees and the bank balance hold out, then I might plan another long haul somewhere. Thanks again for the reply. Ernie

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Postby bikepacker » 19 Jan 2007, 11:58am

Ernie, was it you that set out with Keith from Preston for the ride to India? If it was he said he would let me know how he got on but I never heard anything.
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Ernie B

Postby Ernie B » 19 Jan 2007, 4:35pm

Hi Alan, Yes, it was me that set off with Keith all that time ago. In fact there were three of us; a woman called Janet from the West Country too. We split up very early on, in Germany, three weeks into the ride to be exact. I had lunch with Keith in Manchester just after I got back. He was due to fly to Bangkok on Boxing Day with the intention of heading up towards Laos. I haven't heard from him since. Ernie