Bikes on trains in Andalucia

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Bikes on trains in Andalucia

Post by pwward »

Anyone have experience of taking their bike on Andalucian trains?

I am planning a trip Malaga to Cadiz via Ronda and Grazalema and hope to get the train back. I don't want to arrive and find out it isn't allowed.
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Post by andy »

I am planning to do something similar with 2 other cyclists. We are hoping to take train from Malage to Seville at the end of January. We are undecided whether to keep bikes in boxes/bags after arrival at airport or to take bikes on. We hope to find out when we get to malaga station booking office. I'll try to phone RENFE and hopefuly speak to someone with knowledge of bikes on trains.

Several people have mentioned that as it's a regional train bikes are possible but does it mean there is a Forgon available or do you have to keep bikes boxed/bagged. I am also reliably informed that if the station is unmanned then it's likely that you can take bikes on regardless.

So not much help at present!

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Post by bikepacker »

I have been on the train from Malaga to Seville but not with a bike. Hovever the locals seem to take on bikes without any problem. I have even seen bikes on the train from the airport into Malaga.
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Bikes on trains from Cadiz

Post by sean02ie »

I'm not sure if there is a train servive from Cadiz to Malaga. Plenty of buses however. I think the rule is if its a long distance high speed the bike needs a bag at least otherwise no problem.
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Post by horizon »

pwward: I tried to put a bike on the train from Almeria to Granada and am usually willing to push my luck but this time they were adamant in not letting me. Half an hour later though I was happily ensconced on a coach with the bike hardly dismantled at all. As far as I know all the buses take bikes (I have travelled from Santander, Madrid, Alicante, Granada, Motril, Malaga and Bilbao by bus with my bike without any problems.) Since the buses are cheap, frequent, fast and comfortable, I'm not sure that the train has much advantage. Funnily enough completely the reverse of the above is true of the UK.
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Andalucian trains

Post by AMC »

In my experience the regional trains are good for bikes; bikes are permitted, certainly I've taken them out of Sevilla & Cadiz, & often the end carriage has a raised wide area where you can sit with your bike. I've often heard that the faster trains on regional routes & the major routes are more tricky but haven't tried. In the unlikely event that you get a return ticket be aware that you will need to get the ticket "verified" for the return journey at the station. It costs a few Euros but will save an exasperated train inspector!
I've found the buses to be varied. Bike carriage is at the discretion of the driver, occasionally I've been refused, once I was told it had to be "recogido" (folding), but usually it's been fine. Just need to buy the ticket at the kiosk at the bus station, bearing in mind that they are often private companies (especially in & out of the Grazalema region & you'll need to figure out which one goes where.) But the area is so stunning that it's worth all the effort, & fantastic cycling once you're there.
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