Any recommended 1 week rides (or there abouts) in Europe?

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Any recommended 1 week rides (or there abouts) in Europe?

Postby bertz » 14 Jan 2007, 5:51pm


I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for rides in europe with a timescale of about 1 week (if its great and takes a bit longer speak up). I had thought of France alone at first but I dont want to limit myself or the possible reponses. Im a keen cyclist and mountain bike often, but I have never done a long cycle journey (despite being something I have always wanted to do)

Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated.


Terry T

Postby Terry T » 14 Jan 2007, 6:48pm

Eire, the Ring of Kerry to start, then follow your nose. :wink:


Postby ThomasDylan » 15 Jan 2007, 9:23am

I don't know your level of fitness or aspirations, but a relatively easy ride would be along the Danube in either Germany or Austria. There are a number of guide books available for the route and you can cherry pick the best section(s) to do a week's tour.

The reason I don't mention or recommend the Slovakian or Hungarian sections of the ride is that it gets much more primitive once you get to the old eastern Europe. Trains are always available in Germany & Austria to get you back home too.

Accommodation and food are relatively cheap in Germany, especially if the Pound stays as strong as it is right now.

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Postby malakoffee » 15 Jan 2007, 10:05am

How about . . . get down to Newhaven, ferry across to Dieppe, take the Avenue Verte** down to Forges-les-Eaux. Then work your way down to Louviers to pick up the valley of the river Eure. Follow the Eure down to Chartres. Nip up to Paris - if you like a bit of city contrast. Wander back the same way or vary according to taste.
CTC have a further decription of this in their "Routes" section, but if you get a map you can't really go wrong. ( and if you do it doesn't matter :D )**


Cheers for the advice

Postby bertz » 15 Jan 2007, 11:21am

Thanks very much for the advice!, like that fact I have three different countries to choose from!



Postby davogs » 12 May 2007, 10:38pm

I can heartily recommend Austria. We did the Ennsradweg last year, we are doing the Drauradweg this year. Both take about a week. Austria is civilised, cheap (B&B in the countryside cost us around 20-22 euros pppn. Bike hire also cost us 230 euros for 8 days for 4 excellent bikes ! Scenery is also wonderful and if you take these long distance routes in the right direction the hills aren't too difficult. Evening meals about 6 - 9 euros each. I'm happy you tell you more if you are interested.