danube & rhine cycle routes

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danube & rhine cycle routes

Postby tom_u » 19 Jan 2007, 3:37pm

I am planning on cycling from London to India this August and will be doing the first section using the Rhine and Danube bike paths. can anyone recommend a good route guide (a downloadable free one would be good but not essential!) that has details of distances and campsite options.


Postby ThomasDylan » 19 Jan 2007, 6:15pm

Cicerone do a good Danube cycle path guide.

It can be bought from Amazon quite cheaply. Just do a search. (I posted the link to the actual book earlier this week, so you could do a search of the message board too).


Danube to Turkey

Postby Hugo » 19 Jan 2007, 6:59pm

Somebody here cycled from Istanbul up to the Danube earlier last year
without any difficulty.


Postby Pinky » 19 Jan 2007, 8:37pm

I cycled down ( and backup ) the Danube radweg in 2005.

In 2006 I cycled from Mulhouse ( just North of Basel) down the Rhein Radweg to Rotterdam.

There is a series of detail map books produced by"Bikeline" a German company (www.esterbauer.com)
There are 4 books covering the whole of the Danube to the Black sea they are very detaied but 3 of the 4 are in German.
There are 2 books ( of a set of 3) covering the route from Amsterdam to Basel.

The maps are based on a "strip route" format and are full of information incl accom and campsites.
To be honest they are probably not what you want, they cost about £12 each. If you want mine you can have all five books for £15 ( incl postage). They are used, obviously, and are annotated ( scribbled on) by me but are complete.

There is now a recognised cycle route from St Nazaire to Constanza via the Loire, Rhein and Danube -- it is called Euro Cycle Route 6
Go to http://www.ecf.com/83_1 for a bit more info or just do a search on net. I have found quite a bit on the Loire reseaching for my 2007 camping tour and there is a lot of info ref the Loire - Rhein - Danube route around if you search

I wish you well -- indeed if I was 10 years younger I would do it myself but in my 70th year I restrict myself to less exciting adventures.
Good luck in your efforts


Postby Pinky » 20 Jan 2007, 1:56pm

I would include Higginsons Danube book as well! Like the others it has been on tour! But I reckon it is useful reading ( By the way it only goes as far os Budapest) Higginson is a non camper but his directions are good.

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Postby PW » 23 Jan 2007, 12:52pm

Purely as background material take a look at Patrick Leigh Fermor's book "A Time of Gifts". He walked to Istanbul between the wars. 2nd instalment is titled "Between the Woods & the Water".