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Darlington to Melrose routes??

Posted: 17 Aug 2010, 4:12pm
by eclipse
Got a few days off in september; thought I might have a leisurely pootle up to Melrose to visit rellies. Probably camp along the way; has anyone got any good ideas for routes?? Don't fancy the A68 and its attendant traffic.
Cheers John.

Re: Darlington to Melrose routes??

Posted: 17 Aug 2010, 4:28pm
by rualexander
Have a look at a map. Best bet is probably via Hexham, Bellingham and Kielder then B6357 and minor road from Bonchester Bridge to Denholm then minor roads and B6359 to Melrose, unless you need to go into Hawick or Jedburgh for any reason.

Re: Darlington to Melrose routes??

Posted: 17 Aug 2010, 10:57pm
by Dean
I don't find the A68 that bad...

But, if you want to avoid it - then I'd say you should head up Teesdale to Alston, and go through Newcastleton to Melrose. Adds a bit of distance, but it's a much quieter route.

I don't think there are any sensible eastern routes which avoid the A68.

Re: Darlington to Melrose routes??

Posted: 18 Aug 2010, 10:06am
by amaferanga
I used to live in Newcastle and cycled up to visit my parents in Hawick fairly often. While the A68 isn't a bad road, it's not the road to take if you want a pleasant few days cycling. My advice would be to head up to Consett then take the B6309 or minor roads up to Stamfordham. Left at Stamfordham and follow the minor road along to the junction where the B6342/A68/A6079 meet. Follow the A6079 for about a mile before forking right on a LH bend. Follow the minor roads up to Wark to join the B6320. Then about a mile before Bellingham (before you cross the river) take a left and follow the road taking a right turn after the bridge after a few miles and then left to join the road up to Kielder. Follow the road til it ends at the B6357 several miles past Kielder water and take a right. Then Bonchester Bridge - Denholm - Lillieslief and finally the B6359 to Melrose.

I make that about 125 miles of mostly quiet roads.

Re: Darlington to Melrose routes??

Posted: 27 Aug 2010, 6:18pm
by eclipse
Thanks for the replies folks, I'm now thinking I might use sustrans, from Teesside to Tyneside; then the C&C route to Melrose, probably camping/ hostel.
Thanks again John.