Mizen to Malin, how to get there?

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Mizen to Malin, how to get there?

Postby kevin » 1 Feb 2007, 7:00pm

Good morning!
Two of us would like to ride from Mizen to Malin, Ireland end to end, starting Friday 4th May, finishing Sunday 13th May 2007
My friend wants to do it for a charity. Marie Curie, that supported his wife who died some months ago, and wants me to accompany him.
I'm a very experienced cyclist at home and around Europe (Alps, Pyrenees etc) so he wants my company.
It's not easy trying to find out how to get to Mizen in the first place then back from Malin.
He's starting in Edinburgh and me from Crewe, Cheshire.
I thought of the logical routes Edinburgh / Stranraer by train, Stranraer / Belfast by ferry, Belfast to Killarney by train via Dublin and for me
Crewe / Holyhead by train, Holyhead / Dublin by ferry then Dublin to Killarney by train OR
Edinburgh to Dublin flight then train to Killarney and for me Manchester or Liverpool flight to Dublin then by train but in all cases how do we get from Killarney to Mizen without wasting time cycling? Also, the main question, do you have knowledge of the best way to travel to South west extreme point and back from Malin to get home to Edinburgh and Crewe on Sunday 30th May?

Your experience and helpful advice on quickest ways there would be very very helpful. We do of course want to take our bikes with us making it more complicated as ferrys checked are high speed ferries (no bikes?) and flight details for bookings on the web don't show options for taking bikes.
Please help!!
Regards (and hopeful!)
Kevin Speed :-)

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Mick F
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Postby Mick F » 1 Feb 2007, 7:57pm

Hi Kevin,

How about a third person, and a car with bike racks?

Mick F. Cornwall

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mizen to malin

Postby sean02ie » 4 Feb 2007, 11:32pm

Third person is a good idea. It might be cheaper and time saving to fly into Cork hire a car, drop off the car at Knock or Dublin Airport on completion of the trip. Trains are not an option in Ireland for cyclist. Buses only and they involve lenghtly journeys to and from start/finish.

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Paul Smith SRCC
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Postby Paul Smith SRCC » 13 Feb 2007, 5:04pm

Cork to Mizen Head is about 80 very scenic miles and Malin Head to Belfast Airport would also take about a day. I rode that tour Summer before last, I wrote an account below that may be of some interest.

Paul Smith

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Postby wkb21 » 19 Feb 2007, 1:57pm

You can take bikes by train from Portrush to Belfast. If you fly from Belfast Airport, pick up a bike box at Halfords in Ballymena (on the main line from Portrush), box the bike there and get a taxi to the airport. There's a skipload of bike boxes behind the shop. We got two bikes in the taxi boot (boxed).

A cheap flight to Cork is the way to go, and enjoy the ride to Mizen.