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Dakine Bike bags??

Posted: 7 Feb 2007, 8:51pm
by barn
Anybody used a Dakine bike bag to carry there bike while travelling?They look like a suitcase on wheels.Just wondering how they hold up or if there are any better options around for the price,they used to be in the CTC shop under bike bags.

Posted: 8 Feb 2007, 7:25am
by lisap
Never used a hard case before and depending on the facilities I have at the other end I use either a padded or unpadded bag. Padded are better but when touring unless you have a local bike shop/relatives to store it while you are cycling it is a pain, especially abroad. They either have to send it to you if your on a linear route or you collect it if on a circular one.

With a soft bag I pad the bike really well with pipe lagging, foam mats around the wheels,old rear hub in the frame and make sure the rear derailleur is baggage handler proof. At the other end the bag fits snuggly into a large plastic compressed zip lock bag and sits on top of the trailer.

Some people just go with cardboard bike boxes which are fine from the manufacturer to the shop via a large well packed container ship. Airport baggage handlers are another matter entirely.

It is really what your happier with and most breakages come down to poor packing. Make sure whatever bag the bike is in that it can't move around.

Posted: 8 Feb 2007, 9:28pm
by barn
Yeah cheers i done some more searching and see they weight 8kg along with a bike loaded panniers that would put me way over the baggage limit.I am leaning toward something like the Tifosi padded bag,are they ok to fly with?or a cardboard box from the bike shop.But as you say the packing is the main thing couldnt think of anything worse then your bike bashed up by handlers :(