Trailer for the Celtic trail/West Country Way

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Trailer for the Celtic trail/West Country Way

Postby Richard » 15 Feb 2007, 1:26pm

Having been suitably impressed with the CarryFreedom y-frame trailer (thanks Mick F) I'm having concerns as to whether the "car free" sections of the Celtic Trail / West Country way are going to be suitable for a 2 wheel trailer or whether the less attractive BOB is a better bet.
Any advice is gratefully received.

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Lusting my Pinnarello
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Postby Lusting my Pinnarello » 15 Feb 2007, 4:15pm

It is general advice that a 2 wheel trailer is mostly suited to road use. 1 wheel trailers can be used on road and off.

without knowing the terrain and trail, I would say a 1 wheel trailer is needed. But hopefully there are some people who knwo the route and can give 1st hand knowledge

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Postby meic » 17 Feb 2007, 1:16am

I am Sustrans Ranger for Carmarthen - Trellech on the 47. My patch can be done with a trailer. However you are right to be concerned a lot of the anti motorcycle traps would require you to carry the trailer over your head!
The stretch through Bridgend was a hassle even on an unloaded hybrid. However the message is getting through and I beleive a lot of the obstacles have been removed.
It will be a test of your strength, patience and ingenuity.
Approaching St Clears there is a spring loaded gate on a slope that should cost you 10 minutes!
Dont be too harsh on Sustrans they are still learning and sometimes the council is to blame. On balance if you are on holiday it is more enjoyable on the tracks but it takes a lot longer!
I am getting a baby and therfore a trailer in June and I do think I will have to give up on a lot of Sustrans routes.
If you are coming west of Kidwelly I can give more detailled info.