Travelling across Paris

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Travelling across Paris

Postby edmundironsides » 26 Mar 2007, 1:40pm


My partner and I are travelling to the Loire valley in June with our bikes. We don't know anybody who could look after our bike bags so we are taking our bikes as they are on Eurostar. Unfortunately we have to get from Paris Nord du Gare to Austerlitz Gare to catch the train to Orleans (We will probably return from Angers). I need some expert guidance for the best quickest safest route to Austerlitz Gare. I am told you can't take your bike on the metro. I may hit Paris at about 15:30 -16 :00 hrs. I could fly to Tours but again its what to do with the bike bag or suffer when the airline looses my bag (again).


Postby Reynard » 26 Mar 2007, 9:39pm

My recollection of the Gare du Nord is that there is a taxi rank not far from the front of the station. Last time there saw several people carrier type taxis which may be able to squeeze a couple of bikes inside. Not the cheapest way but safer to life and limb.

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Cycling through Paris

Postby pedalpower » 27 Mar 2007, 10:10am

Have you thought about using European Bike Express. They are a coach company who specialise in moving cyclists around Europe. They will take you and you bike to your drop off point and you can then select a number of different pick up points depending on your route. Bikes go in a trailer so no need for bike bags etc.

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Postby edmundironsides » 27 Mar 2007, 10:17am


Yes I would like to use them but this far cheaper. In addition I live quite away from the pick up points. Thanks for the suggestion

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Postby robbo » 27 Mar 2007, 12:55pm

I'm a bit concerned about you "taking your bikes as they are on Eurostar". You must either send the bikes registered 24 hours in advance or put them in a bag.
Anyway, have you thought of avoiding changing stations in Paris and going via Lille? There is no direct service from Lille to Orleans, but there is to St. Pierre des Corps, just east of Tours. It's a lot easier to change trains at Lille, also cheaper as you spend less on Eurostar, and perhaps can get reduced SNCF fares such as "Prems" from Lille onwards.

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Travelling across Paris

Postby Helen » 27 Mar 2007, 3:54pm

I've easily cycled from Gare du Nord to Austerlitz BUT it was at the crack of dawn, so no traffic. If you do have to do it, you just need a street map (pref showing one-way streets) and take your time.
I changed trains in Le Mans.
I was starting at Angers (twinned with Wigan) and cycled along the Loire then headed north for Monet's Garden en route for my own twin town Cergy Pontoise and the famous annual Stephen Roche cycling event.
Bonne route!

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Travelling across Paris

Postby JJF » 27 Mar 2007, 8:05pm

I've cycled from Gare du Nord to (I think) Gare de Lyon which is near Gare d'Austerlitz. As somebody else has said, you need a street map but the route is fairly simple. Travel SSE on Boulevard de Magenta, Bd du Temple etc in virtually a straight line to Place de la Bastille. Then fork left to Gare de Lyon, right for Austerlitz.

These are big avenues but all the vehicles were in the off-side lane trying to overtake each other. The slow lane (right) was empty except for the occasional parked car.

The TRICKY bit is crossing big junctions Place de la Republique and Place de la Bastille. I became a pedestrian to cross the several lanes of traffic in and out. If it would help I could email you a plan

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Postby edmundironsides » 28 Mar 2007, 8:52am

Thank you for your help everybody.

Robbo, I was told that as long as took my bike, as is, to the Eurostar baggage section 2 hours before departure; it would travel with us in the baggage section of the train with us. Mind you it costs £20 each each way, so an extra £80 in all for both of us.