Liverpool info. please

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Liverpool info. please

Postby Armorel » 25 Apr 2007, 9:06pm

I'm taking my bike to Ireland next week on the Liverpool to Belfast ferry. I'll be arriving in Liverpool by train and then need to get across the river to Birkenhead to the ferry port. I've never been to Liverpool before, so I'd be grateful if someone with local knowledge could advise me on how to do that short journey (do I get the ferry across the Mersey? - and if so, where does it go from? - or do I ride through one of the tunnels that I can see marked on the road map?).

(Incidentally, I thought there were local touring advisers that one could ask about things like this, but a frustraing half hour spent searching this site has failed to reveal any concrete information on them - do they exist, and if so how does one contact them?)


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Postby WolfUK » 25 Apr 2007, 10:45pm

Well times may have changed since I lived there but MerseyRail used to be really good about bikes on their trains so you could get a local train across to the Wirral. The stations at Lime Street and Central are both underground but there should be bike access. It might be worth contacting them for more details. Their web site is

The ferry is an alternative as long as you don't mind Gerry and The Pacemakers on endless loop! :?
Simon Wolf

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Liverpool info please

Postby Helen » 26 Apr 2007, 3:10pm

I've just emailed a Liverpool member to see if he can help.

Meanwhile, as far as I know you can't cycle through the tunnels.

Mersey ferry is easy for cyclists, but a rip-off for the enforced tourist route. Not many commuter sailings.

Most of us chuck bike on underground trains (Lime Street, Central, Moorfields or James Street which is nearest the water). There are lifts - some a tight squeeze. I THINK James Street lifts are big. You'll get out at Hamilton Square in Birkenhead (large lifts).

I think train's cheaper than ferry.

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Postby johno » 27 Apr 2007, 2:15pm

Hi Amorel

Probably the best way to get from Liverpool Lime Street to Birkenhead is by train. Merseyrail are pretty relaxed about bikes on the train and while there are 4 spaces on each train, for a few stops you can usually just stand with them in the vestibule area. You need to take the Wirral Line but unfortunately I think that next week the repairs to the loop line which connect the Wirral Line to Lime Street mean that you will have to travel through Liverpool City Centre to James Street Station close to the river. Check the Merseytravel web site on

It is difficult to explain how to get from Lime Street to Jame Street without a map and from recollection the staff at the Virgin Customer Services building near platforms 7 and 8 at Lime Street will let you have a free map or give directions. James Street station has lifts (although you might have to descend a few steps to get to the platform itself).

Hamilton Square is only one stop away and once you come out of the lifts you need to turn left out of station and go down the hill through a couple of lights before turning left to go through an old dock gateway onto Shore Road. Follow the route of the heritage tram track on your right for about half a mile when you get to an old bascule bridge. turn right to go over the bridge and follow the road to the roundabout, turn left and at the traffic lights turn right and the entrance to the ferry terminal should be a short way along on the right.

Ferries are great way to cross, but as Helen says the commuter ferries only operate 7.20 - 9.20 and 16.00 to 19.00 and take 10 mins to cross. The cruises leave Liverpool on the hour and it take 30 mins to get across to Seacombe where you need to get off. From there you just head up to the main road and turn left and cycle straight along for 5 mins or so across a bridge before reaching the terminal roundabout where you turn left.

The Queensway (the old tunnel through the city centre) can be cycled through before about 7am and after 8pm and can be quite exhilarating although I would not recommend it unless you have to!

Good Luck!

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Postby kevint » 1 May 2007, 9:26pm

Hi Armorel

I hope this isn’t too late

Unfortunately the train line from Liverpool to Wirral is out of action until May 28th with a bus service laid on, no good to a cyclist! This means you would have to cycle from Lime St to the Mersey ferry, cross to Woodside terminal, then cycle to the Irish ferry terminal.

I cycled Ireland from Mizen Head in Co Cork to Malin Head in Co Donegal last May. I flew from Liverpool airport to Cork airport, which went very smoothly. As I had never gone on a tour on my own or taken a bike on a plane before I was very grateful for such a stress free start.

I caught the ferry back to Birkenhead, which was not so stress less. I decided I could do without a cabin and would get my head down on a bench. So after five hours of poor quality sleep I awoke to discover my mobile phone had been nicked and the Navy had discovered a WW2 bomb in the Mersey, delaying docking by about seven hours. So I know how getting to and from a start/end can affect a holiday.

I’m also a Hackney cab driver in Birkenhead and would be happy to pick you up from Lime St and get you to the ferry if you don’t think overcoming transport problem is all part of the challenge. (no meter, of course).