Is there an alternative to Sustrans?

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Re: Is there an alternative to Sustrans?

Postby binsted » 29 May 2013, 7:31am

Kaptain Kreman wrote:Hi

Tried to order any maps still in print from their online shop while I remembered it.

Ticked all the boxes and went through the ordering procedure including verification by Barclaycard, it said transaction processed Ok then said transaction declined by authorisation agent!

I shall wait and see if anything comes through the post but I think it declined because they have nothing left to sell - website copyright seems to be ->2011 so 2 years with no updating?

I shall keep my eyes out at 2nd hand bookshops etc :-)


Have to agree that the online process for ordering needs a coat of looking at. I ordered C2C map, completed payment etc, pressed the button and that was it, no thank you for your payment, e-mail confirmation, nothing. Five days later the map arrived by post but I was unsure if my order had gone through and never got any sort of receipt or invoice.