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Re: Starting to tour

Postby indy » 4 Mar 2012, 7:06pm

Wow, thanks people I'm overwhelmed at everyones generosity of spirit.

I'll be asking various questions as I get to them in my buying etc process.
Thanks again! :)

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Re: Starting to tour

Postby PW » 4 Mar 2012, 8:09pm

Remember it's not the distance that causes trouble - it's trying to do it too quickly. Rough rule of thumb, if you ride say 60 miles in a normal week then as a one off you can do the same in one day. Best probably to start off at maybe half that, then build it up over the course of the holiday. Spend some of the spare time sightseeing or whatever, keep it interesting (a lesson soon learned by beginner family tourists). We all had to start sometime, have fun. :D
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Re: Starting to tour

Postby Chesterfield » 10 Mar 2012, 10:37am

Im a bit late joining in, but some great advice. Just go for it. Start with a 3 or 4 day weekend from home. We did. It started hailing and an axle broke 2 miles out. So we went back!
Next try we did better, a month or so later, set off on a Friday after work and camped beside a pub only couple of hours drive from home. That was many years ago.
Third trip in Devon/Cornwall we left the car at a friend's house. There are lots of options for leaving cars - try parkatmyhouse on the net, or the commercial places close to ferries and airports.
Our first big trip was from Roscoff to Santander. We took the relevant parts of Rough Guides and a Europe road atlas. Nothing beats rolling off the ferry, out of the airport or station - the whole of wherever in front of you.
My best advice would be to start by pinning down each end of the tour - how to get the bikes to the start and how to get home.
Then plot the days roughly - a bit less than you'd do on a full day. Leave a day in the middle for a rest.
Carry less than your first thought (no jeans!) and take some cream for your bum.
We've been: Wales, Hebrides, loads of France including a couple of end to ends, Portugal, Crete, Italy, North Sea route - I never want to stop touring. So lucky you to be just starting out. Have a great time!