Manche to Med Routes

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Manche to Med Routes

Postby DaveyDave » 31 Mar 2012, 8:19pm

Hi All,
I wonder whether anyone knew of any resources suggesting routes for the top-to-bottom traverse of France. Realistically, I'd like to start at Calais and end somewhere where I can get a flight back to Gatwick/Heathrow. I love mountainous scenery but I don't really want to over-do it with a loaded bike so Alpine passes are probably out!.

I have the 'Wine-ding Down Through France' book which has a documented route which I'm currently digesting, but I guess there must be other typically-used routes.

Any pointers would be useful - Thanx,

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Re: Manche to Med Routes

Postby Barrenfluffit » 31 Mar 2012, 11:27pm

The route varies significantly with which channel port you use. I've been looking for something similar. There is a rough on line itenary from Bike Adventures, enfield senior's book and trawling through "crazy guy on a bike". The latter being hard work due to the way routes are categorised.

If you want hills then the Massiff Centrale / Clermont Ferrat is the way to go. Or buy a whole of france map, blu tak it to the wall and go from there!